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Janice uses a wheelchair which is a fully-certified off-road vehicle, complete with all-terrain tires.
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Cecil’s snoring sounds like radio static.
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Carlos has a PhD in Science. Just Science. He also has made a Science Oath.
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The static present of the Other Desert is also why Carlos seems to be handling the separation from Cecil much better than him. Sure, he knows that it’s been months, but his emotional state is the same as when he first walked through the door.
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The Man in the Tan Jacket is the inspiration for the Outsider from Dishonored.
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Cecil genuinely believes that the musicians that play during the weather are telling real weather, due to the hypnotic music that lets him hear whatever he wishes to hear.
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As The Voice of Night Vale, Cecil can seek out anyone or any event happening in Night Vale (which is how he can stay in his studio and report on the news as it happens). When he uses this power, his eyes turn replicas into the Night Vale eye, complete with crescent moons.
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Cecil’s skin is unhealthily gray.
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The sound of the rumbling calmed Kevin immensely and could even lull him to sleep at times, as he knew it to be the Smiling God. It depended on the Smiling God’s preferences at the time, whether it was angry (which would keep Kevin awake and possibly make him afraid), or was trying to force Kevin into a calmer state of mind, or was simply content. The last two had the calming effect on him. Whether it has the same effect on other Strexcorp employees is unknown, as no one ever noticed Kevin’s sudden changes of mood, due to him always seeming happy, friendly and productive.

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