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Desert Bluffs’s counterpart to Khoshekh is a floating puppy dog in the women’s bathroom. Her name is Liora, which is Hebrew for ‘I have light’.
She’s a good dog, but very bloodthirsty.


Cecil is probably one of those people who’s totally well-intentioned and really, really doesn’t mean to be scary (unless, you know, he wants to be) but sometimes he just gets carried away and accidentally makes it weird.

I feel like this happens periodically during sex, and at first Carlos is like, “Wait, Cecil, what?” but then he gets into it. Maybe one night, Cecil tries to ease off the eldritch-horror-pillow-talk, and Carlos is a little disappointed afterwards. Concerned, Cecil asks him what’s wrong, and Carlos turns kinda red and shrugs and says, “Oh, I guess I was just hoping you’d compare your desire for me to the gaping mouths of hell again.” And Cecil squeezes him close and feels like the luckiest bastard in the world.

There is a thin semantic line between “creepy” and “cute,” and Cecil walks all over it. 

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Steve Carlsberg was Cecil’s brother, and Steve was also the one that uncovered the mirrors.
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Even though time isn’t real, Cecil got Carlos a furry lab coat for his birthday.
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Dana will overthrow Strexcorp with the army and replace Lauren as program director.
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The Man in the Tan Jacket is an ex-member of the organization of the Man Who Is Not Tall and the Man Who Is Not Short. He’s the only one who ever voluntarily quit…and made it out alive afterward.

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After the Secret Police auction, when Cecil didn’t manage to buy his own lot, he still held out hope — maybe Carlos bought Lot 37, to keep it from falling into nefarious hands. Maybe the lot was even something as straightforward as a physical certificate of ownership, which he could give directly to Cecil. It wasn’t until he got to Carlos’s home that evening, when Carlos revealed he hadn’t even managed to get to the auction house, that Cecil started really getting worried.


I feel like Cecil would be a pointlessly angry drunk. Like he just throws open the window and yells at the moon “HEY. WHO DO YOU EVEN THINK YOU ARE, PUNK? Y’THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN ME?”

And then he retires to the couch to pet Carlos’ hair, still muttering about “it’s just…up there in the sky all of the time, like it owns the place. Look at me, I’m the moon! Jerk.”

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Cecil’s cousin is Misty Day From American Horror Story: Coven. He was really close to her, and she inspired him to use music for the Weather segments (he wanted to show her singers that she could listen to along with Stevie Nicks).
He’s still mourning her loss.

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