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Kevin and Lauren dated briefly before, but she broke it off because she thought it would interfere with productivity. This is why he is so snarky with her during  ”Old Oak Doors”.
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The Lazy Day was an attempt by the city itself to fight off StrexCorp.
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Carlos was a little distant from his family growing up. The unique communication problems maintaining outside familial relations living in Night Vale present never fazed him much because his family didn’t expect more than a token holiday call or two anyway.
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While Khoshekh was living with Cecil and Carlos he cockblocked Carlos by cuddling with Cecil every time Carlos wanted to. Carlos swore the damn cat knew he was allergic and was doing it on purpose.
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The Smiling God is Desert Bluffs’ version of the Glow Cloud.
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Steve Carlsberg isn’t a bad father in any way, although he is occasionally bumbling. Cecil was once again exaggerating his flaws to make him seem like a jerk. 
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Carlos is the only guy Cecil ever dated who was even more of a workaholic then he is.
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As The Voice of Night Vale, Cecil is able to know about everything happening in the town… except for what exactly Carlos is up to.
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The Man in the Tan Jacket is actually the Night Vale Sheriff. Everyone knows what he looks like and who he is, but are absolutely forbidden from acknowledging it. Thus why no one admits to remembering him.
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The thing that attacked young Cecil at the end of Cassette changed him to make him ideal for the role of the Voice of Night Vale. That’s why he never stopped talking in “Lazy Day”, even as he was getting too lazy to care about the end of the world and that’s why he always gives detailed descriptions of what’s happening even when he’s obviously in danger — Radio Hosting is literally part of his being.

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